Underground Sports Performance
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Movement Assessment

   At Underground Sports Performance, our first and foremost priority is the health of our athletes. That's why we make sure that each athlete we take on is ready to safely participate in the training regimen before they begin. We use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Movement Preparation Assessments to observe and score movement patterns. This allows us to make sure our athletes can display proper form and technique before a higher external load is added to those movement patterns during training. These tests also allow us to see asymmetries (often an indicator of injury potential) in our athletes' movements. This way we can build in corrective exercises to each individual athlete's program to target those asymmetries and thereby reduce injury potential. Throughout your training regimen, we'll provide regular reassessments to make sure that your movement quality improves over the course of your program.       


Triple Extension

Performance Assessment

   You're here for results, and we're here to make sure you get them. At Underground, we use transferrable performance measurements before and after training regimens to ensure that our athletes are improving in strength qualities associated with better court, field, and pool performances. We obtain baseline measurements for the 40 yd Dash, 5-0-5, Vertical, Broad Hop, and 300 yd Shuttle, all of which provide a wide-angle snapshot of where our athletes excel and where our athletes have room for improvement. The goal of our training programs is to create robust athletes that can handle any demand placed upon them by their sport. By building upon weaknesses and tending to existing strengths, we efficiently create well-rounded athletes and we can begin to see immediate improvements in performance.