Underground Sports Performance
Providing athletes with immediate results and a foundation for longevity


PHILOSOPHY: You need Skill to win, and character to repeat.

   We believe this is true whether you are talking about a game, throughout a season, or Life itself. The greatest athletes are the best movers with the strongest character. This is why we focus on developing the whole athlete. We train movements that directly translate to speedstrength, and bulletproof joints on the field/court/pool. Character development comes from the structure and expectations we place on our athletes. We expect a solid work ethic with a positive attitude. We love to work with teams, small groups, and individuals. The bonds forged in the weight room strengthen a team's chemistry in practice and on game day.

The Whole Athlete

Strengthen Character

   Character is our stable and distinctive qualities which determine our actions, regardless of circumstances or outcome. Luckily, we can strengthen and build our character. However, it is a constant choice we have to make. Sports reveal character, good or bad. With relentless work and a good attitude, it can be one of the most effective weapons in your arsenal!



Be the Best Mover

   Athletic movement is a skill. This means it can be taught and learned. Fundamental and effective movement patterns transcend sport specificity. We refer to this as Athleticism. An example of this is when an athlete is proficient at multiple sports which require distinctly different skill sets. The athlete's ability to adapt to the specific demands of a sport is directly proportional to his/her mastery of fundamental movement patterns.